VR Goggles: how do they stack?

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Kaptain Kreiger
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VR Goggles: how do they stack?

Postby Kaptain Kreiger » 20 Aug 2019, 21:55

When you have one pair, it is easy to compute the impact on your transporter's speed.
new speed equals old speed plus (old speed times the percentage)

But how is speed impacted when you have more than one?
Is the total percentage multiplied?
NS = OS + (OS (TOTAL %))
Or is it recursive?
NS1 = OS + (OS %) for the first.
NS2 = NS1 + (NS1 %) for the second?
NS3 = NS2 + (NS2 %) for the third.
etc. ???

By my reasoning, it should be recursive because each new one should impact existing speed (with bonuses).

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