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Plugin Factory - Practice Place - Experiment Shop

Postby starquake » 05 May 2018, 00:15

I talk to lots and lots of players who don't know how to get the VR Navigation Plugin. It is confusing how to make it and players often try for it but start with the wrong plugins, they don't know what to start with to get the end result (the VR Navigation Plug-in). This is tough because the results come 6 hours to 12 hours later and then you find out you were doing it wrong.

It would be nice if there was somewhere you can practice, like an experiment shop, an experiment shop where the results were instant and had all the plugins to try and see what you get.
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Re: Plugin Factory - Practice Place - Experiment Shop

Postby 0001 » 11 May 2018, 19:17

Wrong way.
You should know, that plugins 2 main groups:
1. Transport plugins - use at transport.
2. Player plugins - used at player slots .
Second group separait at 2 another group:
2.1. Permanent plugins - have no time restriction, have some permanent bonus.
2.2. Timing plugins - used by some period of time, after thay time of life - disapiare. If you try to remoove it from player slots - disapiare.

So if You know that - You allways will know what You can made.

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