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Postby starquake » 18 Apr 2018, 13:02

Get rid of fires.

When has there ever been a fire and your paying tritium customer has been like "oh so awesome a fire that is slowing down our colony progression!".

All fires do is annoy your paying customers. Like so exciting you get to send a fire drone to some other colony and get terrapoints on a colony you are not working on, but when it is your own colony it is annoying. It is a negative aspect of this game, it never brings joy. Fires are do not bring joy and make you want to play more or make anyone pull out their credit card and spend more on tritium to support you.

I do not know why fires were invented if you are trying to make a fun game. What is the purpose? Fun?

Get rid of fires, it is not making the game more fun, it is doing the opposite and making players annoyed.
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Re: Fires

Postby Teeo » 19 Apr 2018, 16:57

There's an achievement for helping to put them out. You earn TP. Achievements are what helps you win the round.
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Re: Fires

Postby starquake » 19 Apr 2018, 23:18

Ya, they can replace the fire achievement with something that is actually fun.
It is sad when you calculate your colony will level in 3 hours and then a fire hits your lowest resource and then the new time is 6 hours.
When fires hit it is like, ok, time to turn the game off and go do some errands because the fires persist for what seems like hours.
How is this fun?
Answer: It isn't.

If they need to occupy players time with an activity, it shouldn't be fires, it should be something positive, not something negative.
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Re: Fires

Postby Poyda » 25 Oct 2018, 07:28

You have to have some challenges in the game. These ones affect all players, so the higher ones dont get an advantage. Also, it makes people work together to put them out.

P.S. Cant we have a thing where we can start fires in another colony's outposts? Like a sabtour group or something? You have to pay them to do it, but they might not?

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