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Game Improvements and New Features

Posted: 13 Oct 2018, 04:59
by starquake
Now that the game programmers are almost finished the port to HTML5 from Flash and are ironing out the last bugs they can now move to planning and implementing new features.

One of the new features that is possible is multi-accounts or 2 "wing-man" accounts, adding one or more accounts would enable you to effectively control more players at your colony to benefit the colony. You could help the colony by delivering more resources, have more firedrones to send etc.

Multi-accounts is going to provide for more things to do than only playing 1 guy.

They haven't decided yet on making multi-accounts possible but your feedback would be good to help them decide the benefits and level of interest.

Another thing they are discussing is increasing the guild membership above 16, the game play as it has been is 1 major guild in each colony and then lesser guilds that are not full. The lesser guilds are at a disadvantage because they don't have experienced players to help the newbies and the newbies become disinterested and quit the game. I believe the original intent was for guilds to face-off in each colony and fight for dominance, they are not enough players in each colony for 3 guilds at full 16 membership where this ever happens. Increasing guild membership for example to 40 players will help with the new players gaining understanding and help from veterans.

Another possibility is decreasing guild membership to 5 in phase 1 for example and then allowing higher membership as the game progresses through the phases, this will enable guild wars at the start. A disadvantage of this is that there will not be familiarization with players and lots of guild splits as the game progresses if the guild membership increases through the phases.

I like the idea of increasing the membership above 16.

What is your feedback on multi-accounts? What is your feedback on guild membership numbers? What is your other suggestions for new features?

Reply in this thread and let the game programmers know what new things they can bring and make better.

Re: Game Improvements and New Features

Posted: 13 Oct 2018, 05:45
by billw69
I vote yes, on the increasing Guild size above 16.

I would also like to see the Plug In Factory changed so that at Level 3 you can Improve Purple and Orange plug ins, and then at Level 4, you can improve Red Artifacts. Also, the ability to choose a particular plug-in as a goal would be very nice. Some players want speed/reliability, others want capacity/efficiency, and others prefer a different combination. If we could choose by merging more or paying ~ or Energy it would be nice to have

Another suggestion would be the ability to save 2 routes instead of one.

Re: Game Improvements and New Features

Posted: 13 Oct 2018, 13:19
by Luder
Es ist sehr sinnvoll direkt 40 Mitglieder haben zu dürfen.
Oft wird sich gerade am Anfang bekriegt und mann fällt rapide in der Rangliste gegen über Städten,die Frieden haben.

Auch wegen der Online Zeiten würden mehr Spieler enorm helfen.
Ich finde die Mitglieder auf 40 wachsen zu lassen wäre so gar der wichtigste Punkt überhaupt. ;)

Re: Game Improvements and New Features

Posted: 13 Oct 2018, 13:22
by Luder
It makes sense to have 40 members directly.
Often, people are getting wars in the beginning, and they are falling fast in the ranking against cities that have peace.

Also because of the online times more players would help enormously.
I think the members grow to 40 would be the most important point ever. ;)

Re: Game Improvements and New Features

Posted: 13 Oct 2018, 19:00
by starquake
Luder and Bill, what about multi-accounts or "wing-man" accounts giving you more transporters to use?

An improvement i would like to see is being able to restore routes for individual transporters for when you are finished one part of the race.

Re: Game Improvements and New Features

Posted: 13 Oct 2018, 19:20
by AmyL
Larger guilds would be a plus. Hate turning away players at the start but I am limited to only 16 and posting hints in colony chat hoping the rest won't lose interest before they actually learn the game.

Re: Game Improvements and New Features

Posted: 13 Oct 2018, 23:43
by Menemeth
Ok I like the idea of a larger guild! My guild is the dominant guild in the colony. I feel other players have lost interest in playing because we own everything. I have turned down many applicants because we were full. I also like the idea of a "wingman account" as long as the first accounts settler account carries over to the "wingman" account. I don't think people would be willing to pay for a second settler account for 80 days just to have more trucks. I also like the idea of being able to improve Orange and possibly Purple plugins.
Great game I have enjoyed it for almost a year now! Keep up the great work!

Re: Game Improvements and New Features

Posted: 18 Oct 2018, 16:18
by SMarine

I have noticed a problem with the transports and inefficient supply management.

If multiple outposts need the same materials, multiple trips are needed to supply them all. If eg. 3 outposts need water, a water carrier needs potentially 6 trips to supply them at 3T each time and also returning to fill up. What if there was an option to deliver 1T to each of the 3 outposts in a large circuit over and over again. It would be slower but more realistic for a colony as well as cutting costs on maintenance for 'wasted' trips.

Also - A way to view colony supplies as a whole would be nice. Each stage needs different materials but it does not stop needing water or salt, so a way to view all at once would be nice.

Finally, what about buildings that supply basic support for a habitat - Greenhouse (Food / O2) or water recycling plant for example, or a Co2 recapturing facility (we breathe it out so more colonists = more Co2) - having all 3 at once should allow a supply bonus from within the colony, reducing necessary supply from outposts.

Re: Game Improvements and New Features

Posted: 18 Oct 2018, 16:43
by SMarine
Hello again - so sorry for double post but I just thought of something else.

Drones. - There are issues.
Having standard drones limited to 1 per player - good for game reasons, bad for realism. Colonies would rely on drones a lot more than this. Also - 8 Fire drones seems more than are needed, considering how long they take to arrive and how long they stand idle between jobs. Either reduce the number to say - 5 or increase the number of basic drones.

Also, building drones - to program arms to build structures, those same arms could easily assist in loading transports - so adding a feature where build bots can assist in loading would be good, or create a specific loading bot that cant do anything else.

What do people think of these above ideas?

Re: Game Improvements and New Features

Posted: 25 Oct 2018, 11:55
by Poyda
OK, this may be a long post. Also, please forgive me if I ramble.

First of all, I think that it is a good idea to increase the guild membership. I also think it would be worth looking at making the whole colony on guild, if you follow me... (or have no more guilds, but the colony gives you the same benefits. It would help beginners to grow too, as everyone would be helping them. In that scenario, there probably would not be a membership limit.) Another idea to help beginners is to give everyone a 10-20 sec loading time boost on outpost that are part of their colony (or maybe only the A outposts...), that would also help to stop really good players from overrunning neighbouring guilds.

Plugin factory. I think it would be a good idea if you could improve purple or orange plugins. Have it so that you put in your plugin and some energy or M$ or maybe smaller plugins and the outcome depends on how much you put in.

Drones. It would be good if the amount of standard drones was increased. The amount of fire drones could also be dropped. Also, it would make sense to have a loading drone. (reduce loading time by 50%? and maybe have it so that it gives a smaller bonus to your guild members? like 5-10%?)

Also, I think it would be a good idea if you could have a "bank" or something like that. You put money into it for a set amount of time (like 5-10 days) and at the end you get it back with interest. Also have a feature where you can make loans (or gifts) to people which have a interest rate on them. Maybe have a stock market feature where you can invest money.

I may have more ideas, so more post may be forthcoming.

Re: Game Improvements and New Features

Posted: 03 Nov 2018, 06:49
by wast
i would like to see where my tp are coming from. (example: 1000tp from Einstein/water 500 from Newton Salt ....)
not only the sum

Re: Game Improvements and New Features

Posted: 06 Nov 2018, 05:44
by The Pascal King
A Game Manual
Just write down how to do the things you can do in this game. In 1/4 of the time it took to get the Tutorial Drone to be programmed you could have written the manual.

Step 1: 1 day before a new server starts, a person downloads and reads the manual, perhaps creating a throw-away account and practicing, on a Practice server.

Step2: Server starts, this new player knows how to do everything, and can refer back to the manual.

Re: Game Improvements and New Features

Posted: 06 Nov 2018, 07:41
by Poyda
Practice server?
do you mean another server? (which will clog up servers with low ranking players that dont do anything)
Or do you mean that there should be a server that runs continuously on phase one so newbies can practice on there?

I like the second idea. It would let people experiment without screwing their chances of getting high up in the game. People are afraid to try new things becasue they are afraid that it will drop their position on the chart. If there was a place where you could try new strategies without dropping on the rankings, we would probably see a lot of new ideas.
Which would be a very good thing as it would force everyone to come up with new ideas to keep their place on the ladder.
And would result in much more competition. :D :D :D