Game Improvements and New Features

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Re: Game Improvements and New Features

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Natürlich, bzw. hab ich das schon getan:

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Re: Game Improvements and New Features

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"What about multi-accounts or "wing-man" accounts giving you more transporters to use?"
Worst idea possible.

If somebody wants multiple accounts on the same server, put him on a server where everyone has multiple accounts.
Same thing with wingmen

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Re: Game Improvements and New Features

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Same here. Multiple accounts/wingman accounts do not seem like a good idea.

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Re: Game Improvements and New Features

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I few suggestions for game improvements, not in any particular order-

1. increase the number of guild members from 16 -25
2. increase the number of buildings to be built to 2 for normal players and 3 builds for settler accounts
3. Have drone option for buying a turbo drone via same way as fire drone or antispy is currently
4. Increase player plugin slots to 4 for normal players and to 6 for settler accounts a plus 2 player plugin addition
5. Allow guild members to give/gift, mars cash and licenses to other guild members only.

6. Allow the guild leadership to take over all rover functions from repair to phase upgrades to reassign tasks to giving them away to other guild members the rovers of former guild members who are inactive for 2 weeks or more. If the inactive guildmember comes back online after being inactive, the reinstated inactive guildmember can receive their rovers back to control.

7. Allow the collecting of the mars cash of inactive players if there safe is full and they are inactive for 2 weeks or more, instead of keeping the mars cash stagnant for the entire game if the player quits completely.

8. Allow the loader drone, fire drone, spy & antispy drone to be upgraded via rover plugin to increase their speed

9. Allow the option to buy settler accounts with tritium, with a 24 hour settlers for 15 tritium in the same increments to the 5 day settlers for 75 tritium to 6 day,7 day, 8 day 9 day, for example
24 hour settler =15 tritium
2 day =30
3 day = 45
5 day =75 tritium
Allow tritium to be awarded through personal deliveries

10. Give plugin awards to the members ranked 11-25 the same as the top 10 are awarded.
11. Increase the end game to 4 days and while the building time is reduced , the cost remains the same. The build cost should be reduced by 10% -25% during the end game.

12. Award players who supply outposts with Terra points just like the colony terrapoints and small amount of cash. The players who only pull from outposts to the colony only, get higher terrapoints but are hurting the suppliers who get less or no terrapoints. The only acceptable time to do a straight pull from an outpost without supplying it is during a race or if the player is trying to complete a personal delivery quickly or if the outpost does not need any input resources. Then after the race is complete, reset your rovers to the previous supply missions.
If you don't have the cash to buy licenses to pull the good from an outpost to the colony then at least supply that outpost for other guild members to use.

13. Allow the player to "program their own personal delivery's and awards"
for example, I would like to choose "input the colony or outpost to supply and choose 1-4 resources from gas-liquid solid then the delivery amounts in tons and choose what reward I get based on that tonnage, from cash to energy, research points, terrapoints, tritium"

14. before selecting a container to allow the player to select what category they want for their reward instead of it being all random
There were players with 4-8 prototype rover playing while I went the entire game and never received a prototype rover. The 1st game played, my 1st prototype came in phase 8 day 5 in the end.

15. penalize players who buy prototype rovers with real cash from using them in races, it's not fair for players with 26 rovers to compete against players who race with 35 rovers where 9 rovers are prototypes with 2 plugins.

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Re: Game Improvements and New Features

Beitrag von Andhanni »

I know I am new to the game, but come with years of MMO and related game experience. While I am just exploring this game I really like the concept and development. Having spent the last day reading the manual and forums in depth here are a few minor items I see.

1. Have the ability to relocate a structure within your Habitat. Sometimes if you are not paying attention you might place a building in the wrong spot for a look and feel. Having this feature would allow players to rearrange the look of their personal space without impacting the game completely.

2. The ability to dismiss something that you do not desire to do at this time from the tutor... (Would love to show but cannot figure out how to share image)