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Guild/Gameplay Suggestions

Postby GenSeneca » 06 Jun 2018, 11:41

Greetings from the Hawking colony at Olympus-Mons!

A few suggestions that would improve the guild experience...

1. Guild Licenses: Guild members have the ability to donate resource licenses to the guild for any guild member(s) to use.

2. Gifting: I'd like to be able to give my guild mates stuff... The ability to gift things to guild members really would open up a whole new level of guild participation, allowing guilds to have their own contests within the guild for prizes and also to offer members rewards for guild activity. Especially the members who are the most active and/or perform tasks that exemplify teamwork - like collecting habitat resources for members who aren't online, or taking a support role to focus on supplying whatever outpost the guild is trying to build (while likely missing out on cash and TP bonus they could get supplying the colony instead). I'd love to be able to reward such players with a brand new transport at the start of a new phase (already loaded with one of my many killer plugins)... Or even give them transporter plugins (for the transporters they already own) or player plugins (like the VR headset). As it is now, the most I can do for our most helpful members is repair their transporters as thanks.

3. Guild beacons - Just like it sounds, a beacon that can be placed on the map that alerts guild members to whatever requires attention. For example, there's an outpost at level 0 that could use build drones; drop a beacon on the outpost then drag and drop the build drone onto the beacon to alert other members to send theirs to that location. Such beacons could also be used to call for additional resources to a location or alert members that investments are being requested to take control of an outpost. To keep it from becoming obnoxious, limit the number of beacons (like the limit of 1 outpost claim at a time) and/or restrict the control of the beacons to the guild leadership.

Lastly, a general game play suggestion...

Transporter groups - It would be nice to assign transporters to groups, so you could assign a mission to the group as a whole instead of each one individually, or from the list. For example, specialized transporters could be grouped into "Solids", "Liquids", "Gasses". Pick a resource to collect then assign the appropriate group and all the transporters in the group will be given that assignment. I'd particularly like grouping for doing Personal Delivery Jobs (I currently have a group of 10 transporters that do nothing but those). I'd break them up into "PDJ1" to "PDJ4", then assign each group, or all groups, to the resource(s) needed to complete the job. It may sound minor but being able to send 4 groups vs. scrolling to find then click on each of the 10 transporters has become tedious and often frustrating.

Happy Terraforming!
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Re: Guild/Gameplay Suggestions

Postby starquake » 07 Jun 2018, 05:34

What server are you, player name and colony? I would like to see your setup. :)
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Re: Guild/Gameplay Suggestions

Postby GenSeneca » 07 Jun 2018, 17:18

Player Name: GenSeneca
Server: Olympus-Mons
Colony: Hawking
Phase: 6

4 X Artifact Player Plugins:
3 X VR Nav unit (Unlimited Durability) - Speed +15 & Reliability + 6
1 x Mobile Garage (Unlimited Durability) - Transporter limit +1 & Research limit +8

Currently running 29 transporters: 6 Prototypes, 20 Toads, 1 Newt, 1 Salamander, 1 Bullfrog

2 best Transporters:
Megalodon - Speed = 635 - Capacity = 84 - Reliability = 108% - Efficiency = 79%
Nessie - Sp = 556 - Cap = 70 - Re = 108% - Ef = 77%
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Re: Guild/Gameplay Suggestions

Postby Poyda » 26 Oct 2018, 13:03

I agree with your ideas.
The guild licenses would be a great benefit for the guild as a whole and for individual players. But, how would you use them? I don't think it would be possible for it to have two people using them at once. So, you would have to work out how it would work. Do you just have them there for anyone to use? (This may lead to some people hogging guild licenses. Do you build in a feature so that Guild leaders and/or officers can remove them from people?) Or, do you make it so that you have to request them from the guild (like an hour before you need them?) and have a time limit on them (like 24h)? (Or do you make those licenses a hire idea? With those times dependent on how much you paid for them?)

Gifting. Yes that would be a very good idea. Gifts would a very very good idea. It would definitely increase teamwork and it would make life easier for those that only support the colony and miss out on the money. (Other players with more money could finance them) Maybe it would be a good idea if people could make their own races/challenges in which they can put in all the details (time limit, reward, criteria, who can participate etc.) On another game I used to play (Tentlan) people used to run their own competitions (actually, they would ask a riddle and the first to get the correct answer would get a reward). Also on there, you could open up "Topics" on the tribe (guild) chat. Having different topics on the chat could be useful, as would having the ability to have a three or four way discussion (privately, not so everyone can see it)

Guild Beacons. Would be highly useful. Mayb have a function where you can set one or more of your drones to instantly respond to beacons. Maybe have it so that when a beacon is placed it instantly notifies every player in the guild (and maybe puts a big red dot on the map) and notifies them if they log on after. Being able to place a description on the beacon (or having different types) would also be useful. e.g. "Fire here" or "Needs to be supplied" or "Invest here" or "Needs to be built"...

Transporter groups. Absolutely. Agree with everything you say.

Sorry, but a lot of what I have said is simply repeating what GenSeneca said, that is just to show that I agree and to give context to my ideas.

Thanks for reading. I know, I know, it was quite long.

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