Preparing for International Users

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Preparing for International Users

Postby Asquall » 26 Nov 2015, 04:40

It's not that I complain about the non-English posts, but I think if you want to attract (and keep) more international players to grow the player base, the forum must be mainly in English - with sections based on language, if you want.

I see a great future in this game, so as always, I always look for mechanics. It will be nice if there is a wiki/written tutorial in English explaining how things work in Mars. Might be a community project :) So I've decided to share this game to all my space-lover gamer friends.
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Re: Preparing for International Users

Postby Wolfsblvt » 26 Nov 2015, 17:50

Yeah, the goal is to have all stuff mainly in english, like we already do with the Changelist for example.
It's a bit difficult at the moment here in the forum. You can always open english threads and stuff, but we still have to take in mind that the biggest part of our player base is still german, so we don't want to force them in a sub-area here.
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Re: Preparing for International Users

Postby GameOn! » 05 Dec 2015, 20:45

I play a lot of english-only browsergames - so everything is in english language, also the whole forums. It doesn`t bother me. I do appreciate a german subforum in those games, so I can understand your suggestion that far. But I don`t see why it is necessary to keep the forum "mainly" in english?!? If you are disturbed by non-english threads I suggest you adapt to it, like every non-english-player is forced to do in 99% of the internet.

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