Cannot switch transporter schedule

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Cannot switch transporter schedule

Postby Radiance999 » 01 Jun 2018, 16:46

In Curiosity, Colony Armstrong rose to level 14 and now we need Ammonia.

I have not been able to switch my transporters. I can delete old schedule and select the ammonia. But then it will not acknowledge Armstrong base as the delivery target.

My transporter continues on old route.

But I was dinged over 100k Marsdollar for licenses with each try.

Edit: ah, that is Nitroglycerin I need, liquid transporter. Finally sent one. But my gas transporters were bugged as described.
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Re: Cannot switch transporter schedule

Postby starquake » 02 Jun 2018, 01:20

Do you still have an issue? Or did you figure it out?

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