This Is Why I Am Loathe To Spend Real Money On Online Games

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This Is Why I Am Loathe To Spend Real Money On Online Games

Postby The Pascal King » 04 Nov 2018, 21:41

Where is the User Manual? The Game Manual?
The Instructions For Playing This Game, written by the company that makes money off of this game? Not a Forum, not a Wiki, not Guild Chat, all valuable in their place but a document, a real document with a Table of Contents, and an Index, that explains Each and Every aspect of how to do activities in the game.

This is my first server. I have been playing for 5 1/2 phases. I am still a newb at this game. I suck at this game.
Last phase, a guild-mate mentioned spy drone activity at one of our outposts. I had seen such drones listed at the local Drone Dealer but had paid no attention. I asked what Spy Drones did, how you recognize one is active. Info I later found out in was in the "Manual". I bought a Spy. I have had it a week. I FINALLY, today, figured out how to get one set up, I think. Unlike other drones, a spy seems to need setting up like a Transporter.

WHY WAS THIS NOT CLEARLY EXPLAINED IN GREAT DETAIL IN THE MANUAL? I need experienced Guild Mates to "Learn How To Play Well". I should not need them to learn how to play! Do not tell me it is "easy", or "clear", or even "intuitively obvious" because it is not any of those. It is clear to you because you know how to do it.

I am a computer programmer (retired). I developed games. As I was doing development, I had had a manual. As did the project manager, our game testers, our acceptance testers, everybody. When I wrote a new feature I wrote complete, if unpolished directions. The manual writer polished my text and added graphics as necessary. The new chapter was "tested"! Game testers got the new pages along with the latest update. If they had problems, we fixed the manual. A new tester could come in, read the manual and play. If they had questions or difficulties, we fixed the manual.

I have been an online game mod. I moderated with a game manual. Often my first question was "Wasn't that part of the manual clear? Here on page 27 ... What part is missing, poorly written, or unclear?" And the responses, "Oh, I did not look in the manual. Thank you." "Oh, I just read it again. I"m fine, thanks."

This not a puzzle game. I am not asking for answers to the puzzle.
Most of the time when I have needed help, the answer should have been in the game manual.

Is this the correct venue to ask for a manual that should have been provided on day one? No. I am venting.

And the game has the audacity to offer me plug-ins that would, indirectly, cost me 5 or10 actual dollars, real money, for "plug-in"? Where the manual is sparse, the Wiki lacks details, with a ghost town of a game chat.

Why not a manual? I will download it and read it like a novel.
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Re: This Is Why I Am Loathe To Spend Real Money On Online Games

Postby starquake » 05 Nov 2018, 00:36

Hi Pascal King,

I am not affiliated with the game, I have played a few seasons though, I hope I can help.
Ask and you shall receive...

There is a link in the game, if you open up the menu system at the top right then you will find a link to the manual under "Fact Sheet".
A google search will show you there is a manual too, here is a link for you.

I wrote a tutorial for the game, not fully complete, you can leave feedback on what you would like better explained.

The game developers are not a big company like you are used to, they are only 2 guys and do their best trying to make this game better and bigger.

Like you said, seasoned players are a good resource for aspects of the game that are not clear, not all the tricks you will find in the manuals.

Spies need to be sent to an outpost where you intend to steal profits off of non-guildies, you want to send them to the highest tonnage x input price multiplicative product, they will not steal off of a colony or an outpost that does not have an input (an outpost where wealth is not brought). The best use of them is to connect to a neighboring colony and steal from them, send it to a high level outpost, used often, necessary for the most current level of the colony.

There is a "Guides and Tutorials" section in the forums, check the links under the author "Starquake", I made some videos and wrote some explanation, again feedback is welcome.


Ask any more of your questions here or in the server help chat, I hope your players are as helpful as they are on my server.
The Pascal King
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Re: This Is Why I Am Loathe To Spend Real Money On Online Games

Postby The Pascal King » 05 Nov 2018, 22:10

Thank you Starquake for the response.

I have seen and read the resources you mentioned. I have posted in the Colony Chat and my Guild Chat.
The Resources have information. There are people in the chats who are helpful.

Why isn't there a manual?
I bought a Spy Drone several days back. I have not made a cent off of it. I cannot figure out how to set it up.

The Races; why compete? I found out just today there are awards for more than just the winner.
What are the awards like for the also-rans? This is my first Colony. I certainly will not win. It seems I would be better off just running my delivery routes. The same goes for the Personal Delivery Jobs. I do some PDJs. I think they are a money-loser. How can I calculate the Profit-And-Loss involved?

Nearly every day I have some question which generally turns out to be something described in a paragraph or two in the manual, sometimes with a screenshot or two.

I am not talking about cute tricks, gambits, or expert techniques. I simply want to know how to do fundamental things.

6 Phases in and I just found out today there is a fixture that allows you to pick a resource and an outpost so you can deliver a given resource to a Colony. I have wished for such a fixture many times. Yes, it is easy to use if you know how to use it, and knowing that makes the icons clear, and that relies on getting to the fixture. (1 paragraph and a couple of screenshots in the manual.)

I needed help to set up a PDJ, to set up a delivery chain. Exasperating questions for experienced players. Infuriating for me.
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Re: This Is Why I Am Loathe To Spend Real Money On Online Games

Postby starquake » 05 Nov 2018, 22:59

Navigate in map mode to an outpost that has opposing players (non-guildies) feeding the outpost. Click on the list of drones on the right hand side of your screen, find the spy drone in the list, click on the schedule (Calendar) icon beside the spy drone icon, this is how to set destination, click on the outpost in the map you want to send the spy drone.

When the spy drone arrives it will start making you money, as long as non-guildies are feeding the outpost. If you have settler account it will tell you what the spy drone is making per hour. If you don't have a settler account but you watch opposing players deliver to the spied outpost then sometimes you will see your money bar increase with the exact timing of the oppositions delivery to that outpost. (Maybe you have been making money off that spy but didn't know what to watch for)

There are rewards for racing, it can still be worth it even if you place 10th, research point races are really important, research races can knock a lot of time off waiting for your research building to create the same amount of research points. Terra-point races get better with each level of the colony and with each successive phase, by phase 8 they can be around 12,000 points. Energy races are important because they energy you earn can be spent on your crypto-miner for 3 hours and you can Energy boost trade with people that makes you money sooner to upgrade things faster and sooner. Money races look worth it the longer the game goes on.

what do you mean by "also-rans"?

The profit and loss calculation is complicated, I can't help you there, I dont know why it should be easy.

The one video I made in my videos link I went and pressed every icon in the game so I could show all that is possible, that is the best video to watch.
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Re: This Is Why I Am Loathe To Spend Real Money On Online Games

Postby Poyda » 06 Nov 2018, 08:07

an "also ran" is someone that competes in a race (or competition) and does not place (come first, second or third. In this case, does not come first)
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Re: This Is Why I Am Loathe To Spend Real Money On Online Games

Postby Marsianerin » 23 Nov 2018, 05:00

hi with this webside you can translate all .pdf document in all language

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