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by AmyL
30 Oct 2018, 15:26
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Great gift! Thank you in advance!
by AmyL
24 Oct 2018, 14:02
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Topic: Guilds redesign
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Re: Guilds redesign

So would everyone in the colony be able to collect? If not how would you replace the income from your guildmates collecting for you every 5 mnutes? Would the guild harvester achievement be adjusted to be fully attainable after phase 1 ended, or if your colony is big enough would you hit level 4 in p...
by AmyL
13 Oct 2018, 19:20
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Topic: Game Improvements and New Features
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Re: Game Improvements and New Features

Larger guilds would be a plus. Hate turning away players at the start but I am limited to only 16 and posting hints in colony chat hoping the rest won't lose interest before they actually learn the game.

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