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by Asquall
26 Nov 2015, 04:40
Forum: Feedback
Topic: Preparing for International Users
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Preparing for International Users

It's not that I complain about the non-English posts, but I think if you want to attract (and keep) more international players to grow the player base, the forum must be mainly in English - with sections based on language, if you want. I see a great future in this game, so as always, I always look f...
by Asquall
26 Nov 2015, 04:10
Forum: Guides & Tutorials
Topic: Let's collect Beginner Questions for a FAQ
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Re: Let's collect Beginner Questions for a FAQ

Hi, a new player here. For starter, you devs doing a good job on the screenshots at facebook game page!! :) Just started +/- half an hour ago, and right now I'm sitting here watching the robot telling me one or more of my vehicles are underloaded. Any idea what that means??? Oh, and he told me to ch...

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